Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Party Blog Hop

For something a little different, I thought I would join in Stephanie's Angelic Accent's Wedding Party Blog Hop.  I was only looking at these photos tonight on the computer of our friends' Carrie and Josh's wedding.  Carrie and Josh are two of our most treasured friends.  We have known them since we were at school, but became friends when we went to Uni.  We have lived in Newcastle and on the Gold Coast with them, but now we live in different towns and we do miss each other a lot.  We have spent many Friday or Saturday nights together eating out, going to the movies or getting ice creams or hot-chocolates.  We have many special memories together and have shared many of life's moments.  Here are some pics from their gorgeous wedding a few years back at Hope Island Golf Club, the Gold Coast.

The picture above is Carrie and I on the way to the wedding - we were both so excited!
This is the boys...we always have a laugh at this photo!

The girls...after all our, make-up, nails etc...weddings are a great excuse to treat yourself!
This is the four of us signing our lives away!
This is a photo of Ben and my entire family...My family is on the left and Ben's is on the right.
The beautiful bride and groom - they look so happy!
Just thought I would share some happy memories tonight...I am up very late because I had a big sleep today (sleeping off my cold). 

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