Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Digital Scrapbooking Pages - Be Kind!

Hi Blogging Buddies,

I was up super early this morning - like 4am, because I didn't sleep very well with this cold and all I could dream about was Scrapbook Layouts!! It wasn't a very relaxing dream...and it coincided with me being either too hot or too cold all night!! I think the layers of the scrapbook layout were represented by the quilt covers on my bed LOL!

After my post yesterday - or should I say my call for help! I got some very kind replies with suggestions about my scrapbooking dilemma. Thank you so much to Wendy, Karen and Kerrie for your suggestions. We have decided to buy a new printer...not sure which one yet! We have been saying that we will get one for awhile now, but your comments were great motivation. I also downloaded a free program from here thanks to Wendi's suggestion and played with it for a few hours yesterday. Here are two layouts that I feel are safe to share! I admit...I really didnt have to do much other than choose the photos and put them in...but still...I think this is a good start! I just used some wedding photos because there is a big collection of them and they all it seemed easier to begin with.

Anyway...I figure once we get our new printer I can print these out and make them into an album. We do have a wedding album that cost us a small fortune to get done...but we never look at have to get it out, put on the white gloves and all that...this one I thought could be a more looked at album...that is if I finish it!!

Well...I better get to packing my lunch and getting ready for the day. Hope you have a happy Monday, and thanks for visiting my blog!

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