Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exciting News - My Photo has made the Becky Higgins Wall!!

I just had to share my exciting news from yesterday...

Bt firstly let me back track a little...Last week I heard about the photo submission for Becky's Photo Wall in the new headquarters she is building for Project Life.  You can read all about it here.  I just had to submit a photo... how cool would it be to get on that wall!!! So Ben agreed to take the photo, I got dressed up, we arranged some of my Project Life Albums on the table on our balcony and took this photo...and guess what...the photo got accepted!! I am sooo excited.  A lovely friend of mine (Kim) messaged me to say she saw my photo on Social Media...I quickly scrolled through Instagram and Facebook and found the posts!  What an honour!

Alicia (we met on the Gold Coast in Australia earlier this year): We are honored to add YOUR photo to our customer wall in the new office! Gorgeous! Loving all the photo submissions, friends. Keep 'em coming! See Oct. 2 blog post if you missed the details.

Photo: Alicia (we met on the Gold Coast in Australia earlier this year): We are honored to add YOUR photo to our customer wall in the new office! Gorgeous! Loving all the photo submissions, friends. Keep 'em coming! See Oct. 2 blog post if you missed the details.

It was funny, but until I started gathering all my Project Life Albums together, I didn't really realise how many albums I have filled! Time has flied, but I have been recording my years into Project Life Albums since 2010. In four, nearly five years I have ten albums sitting on my shelves! (They are not just yearly albums, but some special albums as well.) And I have a list of plans for more documenting!!

It started the year I turned 30.  It was a big year for me.  I resigned from my full-time job, moved states, totally changed a lot of things in my life, and I wanted to have it recorded.  Even though I had always kept a journal on and off, this was the year I started recording my thoughts with photos in a journal.  I just wrote daily thoughts into a journal and at the end of each month I pasted in some photo highlights from the month.

That same year I met Kim and she introduced me to Project Life.  I had never heard of it before, but as soon as I saw it I just loved the concept.  Mainly because I have always wanted to scrapbook memories, but I never really liked how any of my pages turned out! Plus I didn't seem to have the right supplies to make pages.  I was a card-maker and the products I owned at the time didn't really cross over.  When I saw how easily Project Life could be done with the format of photos and journalling on cards, slipped into pockets, I knew I could do it.

The following year (2011) I started my first album and the year after that we were gifted with our beautiful son Nicholas.  I did not want to forget a single cuddle, smile, burp, dirty nappy or tear.  So I wrote everything down and Ben took thousands of photos and over time I managed to get it all together in a Project Life Album.  Since then I have continued to record my life with photos and journalling.

Kim asked me if I blog about my Project Life Albums and I realised that I haven't really shared much of my memory keeping at all.  To be honest I didn't know if my Albums were really "up to standard" to be sharing on the internet.  Most of them aren't filled with fancy embellishments or the latest add-on kits.  They are just photos and writing, mainly because I am not sure I could keep up with the recording of my life if I used up too much time decorating the pages.  Yes, I have done lots of embellishing on certain albums like my work for Jessica on My Baby Album and The School Album I made for my sister, but on my general yearly Albums I have kept things pretty simple.

Now that the new Project Life App is out I am using that every day to record the daily happenings in our lives. I love to record memories on my phone because I can do it anytime.  Especially when Nicholas is asleep and wants to be held and cuddled.  I can easily keep up to date with the recent photos I have taken and quickly put them into Layouts.  Anyone can do it! Its so easy!!

Edited to add: The next day Becky shared the other photo I sent her! I think it might be going on the wall as well!!! This is the photo:

I thought I might add a post to my Weekly Blogging Schedule where I share a Layout from the Project Life App on a Thursday.  I will be making them anyway during the week, so I think I can easily share one or two on my blog.

Here is an example:
You can see how this would have taken me no time at all...I haven't even added any journalling!  Sometimes when I am short on time, I let the pictures tell the story ; ).

So my current blogging schedule is looking like this:

Monday - The Monday Message (Inspirational quote, thought and picture)
Wednesday - Hand-made Card Creations
Thursday - Project Life App Layouts
Friday - Picture My Life Layouts for Jessica

I can feel blogging sucking me back in...does anyone else feel the pull? There is something I really love about it....  I think it is talking with you : )

Have a great day,

Alicia xxx

P.S This year I was so honoured to meet Becky when she came to Australia.  I wrote all about it here if you are interested in reading.  

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