Monday, October 13, 2014

The Monday Message

Appreciating our beautiful children

Hello, and Happy Monday!

I have had this pinned on my Babies and Children pinterest board for ages and I just love this quote.  The pin is from this site here.

I am all about living in the you know... and I try to appreciate every moment with Nicholas that I have.  We waited such a long time to have him, so I consciously try to savour it all.  His little arms and legs, his cute little face, his cuddles, his talking, how he says "I like (insert something here) Mummy" it tells me so much about his little personality! The other day it was "I like new things!" I had to was so sweet and innocent...he is experiencing so many new things about life and it is a wonder and privilege to watch and observe. But so easy to brush over and not think about and be grateful for.

Fireman Sam Fan

We have had a few issues with Nicky's teeth.  It turns out he has a calcium deficiency, so that means his teeth haven't formed properly at the back and he has quite a few cavities.  He also has had trouble doing a poo regularly for quite some time now.  After a few dentist appointments and some naturopath appointments we are seeing some improvement which is a big relief.  As a reward for doing a poo, lately we have been visiting the toy shop (lollies and chocolate isn't allowed due to the teeth, although they would be much cheaper).  Here is Nicky at Target with his latest selection, a fireman sam hat and extinguisher.  As you can imagine we are getting quite a collection of toys. (Santa will only be bringing one toy at Christmas as I dont think there will be any left in the shop lol!) But who doesnt love a little toy shopping here and there...

How is your week shaping up? Mine is looking pretty busy...I am looking forward to it.

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Alicia xx
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