Thursday, October 16, 2014

Project Life App Layouts and how to Catch up!

Project Life App
 Sharing a couple of Layouts this week using the Project Life App.  It is super fast and super easy!  It is such a great way to add multiple photos from one day or event to a page.  It is also a great way to catch up on scrapbooking!
Project Life App
 I am totally using the app to suit me.  Because I am importing these layouts into the Collect App I have room to write in that app as well.  This means I don't have to journal too much on the layout itself if I don't have too much to say...I am not a massive writer...I am more of a picture girl.

Project Life App
Loving how I can do it on my phone at any time.  Still working out how I am going to use the app for my next year's album and what size I will print them out.  At this stage I am thinking 6x6 and fitting four layouts to a page.

There is a new class at Big Picture Classes called Catch Up With Project Life.  I have signed up because I have some gaps in my albums I really want to focus on and complete.  Here are the details:

Get over the guilt of feeling perpetually behind! Catch Up with Project Life will reconnect you to feelings of accomplishment and gratitude—both for the hobby you love and your life in general. Instructors Annette, Megan, and Trish are here to help you tackle common trouble areas, so you can make real progress with your Project Life albums.

Catch Up with Project Life: Progress, Process, and Productivity for Pocket-Page Scrapbookers
Taught by Annette Haring, Megan Anderson, Trisha Harrison
Class price: $30

You could sign up too! Have you got some holes in your albums that need to be finished? Lets do it together!!  Click on the link in my sidebar or picture below to go straight to their site.


I'm off to get crafty!  Lots coming up on my blog soon...

  • Craft room photos
  • A new type of post featuring my blogger friends...starting soon! Leave me a comment if you would like to be featured on my blog!!
  • More Smash Book Recipes!!!
Have a great Thursday,

Alicia xx
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