Monday, October 20, 2014

The Monday Message

Dream Quote

I just LOVE this quote! Its so inspiring!! It makes me believe you really can make anything happen!!

We have a dream of one day owning our own house...not overly original I know, but pretty necessary.  Sometimes I jump onto and dream....

Here is my latest find: Click Here

Now this is a pricey one...but we are allowed to dream!

I have chosen one photo from here.  But you will have to head over to see the rest...well worth the look.  The house is in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  This is what they call a "Queenslander" home.  This style was popular in the 1920's - 1930's, they were made primarily out of timber with veranda spaces and off the ground to promote ventilation in the hot climate.

Even if I am only window shopping here, there is so much inspiration for painting, decorating and furnishing.

What are you currently dreaming about?

Alicia xx
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