Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smash Book Recipe

Smash Book Cooking

It has been a long, long time since my last Smash Book Recipe Post...but I am getting back into them again!  If you could see my Recipe Book you would understand my motivation...papers scrunched and crumpled, dog-eared, loose sheafs of paper threatening to fall out at any moment.  Nicky loves flicking through the book and takes great pleasure in spreading the papers all over the floor in a crazy frenzy! So I figured a little organisation of my favourite recipes could only help me!!

Smashbook Cooking

This is one of my favourite recipes ever.  It is great to take if you get invited to somebody's house for morning or afternoon tea. They really are delicious little muffins.  I often double this recipe as they get eaten fast.

Smash Book Cooking

I used Crate Paper Notes and Things to "smash" this recipe.  It was done quickly and easily...not a lot of thinking, just whatever felt right at the time.  Thats the best part of Smash Booking  There are no rules, its fast and fun!  An easy way to quickly get some scrapping done.  Let me know if you make the recipe and enjoy it!

Have you every done any "Smash Booking"?

I have more recipes from a long time ago here.

Happy Smashing and cooking!

Alicia xx
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