Friday, October 10, 2014

Picture My Life ~ Baby Cakes ~ Week Five

Hello, and Welcome to my Week Four post 
for Picture My Life Baby Cakes!

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These are the last two pages in my Baby Album.  I have scrapbooked the first 12 months of my life so easily in just five weeks! Today I am sharing another two Layouts.  These Layouts are me at 9 and 10 months and 11/12 months.  I really cant believe I have finished the first 12 months so quickly.  The Picture My Life Baby Cakes Kit has been fabulous in helping me get this project completed.

Here is the 12 Month Layout.  It shows my first birthday party.  I also copied a lot of details onto this page about the milestones I completed.  It seemed easiest to keep them all in the one place, rather than scatter them through the album.

And a lovely photo of my Mum and Dad.

If you have a box of old photos at home, the Picture My Life Kits are perfect for tackling those projects on your To-Do list. Visit Jessica's store and help yourself!  While you are there stock up on some sequins and gold gemstones as well! Click the links below to go directly to the products.

Next week I will share a video of my completed Baby Album (the first 12 months) so stay tuned! Then I will be changing it up a bit with a new project the following week!

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