Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brand New Copic Markers For Sale - Going Cheap!

Hi Blogging Buddies...I have something exciting to show you today...

I have for sale one set of Copic Ciao Markers 72A and one set of 72B.
These are un-opened and un-used (still in their plastic "shrink-wrap" covering)
in other words, they are brand new.

The photos of Set 72 A are above.
The photos of Set 72 B are below.

Normally these markers sell for around $330 (Aust) per set
and then there is postage costs on top of that.

I am selling these sets for:

Copic Marker Set 72A: $250 (Aust)
Copic Marker Set 72B: $250 (Aust)

with Free Postage in Australia.

If you have considered getting Copic Markers before but decided they are
too expensive here is a great opportunity to get them at a bargain price!
I have both these sets and I just love colouring with them.
If you would like to purchase these directly from me please email me for further details.

There is only one set of each available so you will have to get in quick!
Edited Oct 2012 all sold.
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