Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forever Friends Set of Cards

Goodevening Blogging Buddies,
I have a set of cards to share with you tonight.
I made six of these for my stash. I didn't add a sentiment because I thought they would be suitable for birthdays and thank you cards. I have used a couple of these already and sent them away - one went to the kind and lovely Kez, to say "thank you" for stamping some images for me. The Forever Friends Image is coloured with Copics.
I would like to enter the Moving Along with the Times Challenge - Sketch
A Spoon Full of Sugar - Animal Crackers

Have you been curious to how I survived Day Three of my three day countdown? It went very smoothly right up until the last minute. I locked my classroom door and then removed my key off my key ring to return it to the Principal. I had it in my hand with a little post-it note that was reminding me to return the key. I also had two bags that I was carrying out and my mobile phone in my other hand. When I reached the front of the school I stopped and chatted to the aboriginal perfomer who needed some help to put his digeridoos in his car. I put one of my bags down and picked up a digeridoo and an emu caller. We walked out along the path and to his car, then I realised I had dropped my key. I was in such a panic. Myself and three other teachers searched and searched the front of the school but we could not find it. I was wishing I had handed it straight in to the office. I said a desperate prayer to St Anthony and the Angels and walked back to where my bag was to start looking again. There I found the key sitting vertical up against a seam on the outside of the bag. I have no idea how I dropped it like that - it looked like it had been placed there so carefully. I was overjoyed to find it and handed it in straight away, am thanking my lucky stars I did not have to confess up about my clumsy mistake - I can only imagine how cross the Principal would have been!

I went to dinner at Mum and Dad's last night and Mum cooked us a baked dinner and chocolate pudding. It was the best! This morning when I woke up the first thought I had in my mind was that I was free! I have finished school and I dont have anything I have to do! It was a great feeling. I am still sick with my hanging-on cold, so I had an easy day today...make some pumpkin soup for lunch and did a little blogging and card-making etc.

My plans for next term (for those who have been interested) is to do a bit of casual teaching at a few schools around our area. That will mean no reports, no programs, and hopefully no worries! Just turn up, work through the day (deal with behaviour problems) and go home and be finished with it. Thats the plan anyway...I will see how it all plays out. But for now, its holidays for two weeks!

Thanks for your kind words of support that has helped me get through the three-day countdown...I hope you have a lovely weekend with lots of time to craft!

Take care,

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