Saturday, December 11, 2010

Something a little different...I am on a Billboard!

Hi Blogging Buddies,
I have an unusual post for you today!
Yesterday I was working on a Grade One class and it poured rain all day...flooding was starting to occur and roads were being closed. Children in certain areas had to have their parents notified to come and collect them because they may not have been able to get home...anyway one lady came and picked up her daughter and she said to me "By the way you are on a billboard outside our shop"...I said "I beg your pardon"...she said "at The Complete Garden"...I was like "ohhhh" and then I recognised her as the owner of The Complete Garden.

Back in January my auntie was having lunch with a local photographer she is friends with and he was looking for a couple in their early thirties to be on a TV advertisement. My auntie suggested Ben and I, so we went along to this beautiful garden and had some video footage and photos taken of us. It was quite fun actually and we were on the Tv ad for awhile...but now they have put up this rather large sign out the front of their shop and I am on one side of the board.

Its a bit exciting really...something that doesnt happen every day...and has never happened to me before so I thought I would share it,,,it certainly made a rainy Friday afternoon a bit more interesting!

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