Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Antics...

Hi Blogging Buddies,
I have a few various things to share with you today. It is Wednesday and I am not working today, so have decided to have a day at home. There is some washing in the machine and some muffins in the oven and I thought I would pop on over to my computer and post a few photos. (Aussie Loz thinks I am well and truely addicted to the internet...she is probably right!)

The cards above are a little set I made a week or so ago to send out with my little prizes for all the participants in "Six Cards in 1 hour Challenge". All the participants have received theirs now so I thought I might blog the photos. They are a very simple design...I have been making a lot of simple cards lately...but I have something more detailed to post tomorrow that I have been working on with some new stamps.

Here is a close-up of one of the cards.

And for a few little pics...

Here is a photo of Mum and Dad's pig Missy. Missy has a brother won her when she was a baby piglet and he and his girlfriend Renee fed her on a bottle and used to take her for walks around the block! My brother says a pig is a high-maitenance pet, they need lots of attention and food or they really wreck your yard and even escape! Eventually she got too big for my brother's yard (because he lives in town) so Missy moved out to Mum and Dad's farm. She eats A LOT! Mum feeds her twice a day and she is very big now. My sister doesnt let her little girls too close to her, she reakons Missy would start chewing one of their legs or arms if she got the chance LOL!

And finally a picture of Ellie and I hanging out in the backyard one afternoon last week. She brings us so much joy...she is a very happy and friendly dog. I am so happy we have her with us to take for walks and to keep us company.
Well thats about all from me today...I am attempting to attack my Scrapbooking shelf (ie.mess) and see if I can set myself some Scrapbooking goals. I really am an amateur at scrapbooking, but I want to get better! I would like to set myself a goal of one page a thinking up a way of blogging this...anyone interested in joining a weekly scrapbooking personal challenge? Perhaps we could set up some sort of blog where we upload our layouts...just an idea...

Thanks for visiting me today, hope you enjoyed my photos! Take care,

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