Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Weekend of Gardening

This weekend has been quite a busy one. Mum and Dad came up to help us in the garden. We had some trees that needed transplanting so Dad drove up in the backhoe to save us some time and hard work by pulling them out with hand shovels. The backhoe is my Dad's favourite machine. He loves using it. We moved a Crepe Myrtle tree, an Orange tree and some rose bushes. They were all about 20 years old so they had large root systems underground. The photo is Dad in the backhoe and Mum helping out on the ground.

Then we went into town and bought plants. Another 19 Nandinas for the front garden where there are some gaps and 7 Lavender plants for a new garden we are planning at the side of the garage. There is lots happening! I am also working on beautifying the orchard. It has been neglected for many years and consists of some fruit trees, a lot of old rubbish and left over bricks, wire, metal etc etc. I want to make it really nice. I have began the task of mowing it and I want to paint my garden bench and put it in there for a seat, start a vegie patch...plant some flowers etc. It will definately take many months, possibly years to get it how I am imagining it. You gotta have dreams though right? Ben and I want to trade my red car in for a ute so we can cart things and then we can move all the large rubbish to wherever it needs to go (to Dad if he wants it or to the rubbish tip). We also need a ute for collecting fire wood, and for just general picking up of items from time to time.

So theres a few bits and pieces from my life happenings over the weekend...and a few hopes and dreams! I hope your weekend was enjoyable.

Take care,

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