Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Buzz Birthday Party

Hi Blogging Buddies,
The birthday party for Ryan was lots of fun and nearly every present he got was a buzz lightyear something. The room looked very coordinated by the end of the night. We got him a little Toy Story 3 scooter from K-mart. My sister gave me that idea for a present. If you live in Aust and would like a scooter for only $25 go and get one. They are good quality and oh so cheap and the present was a really big hit. They also have a pink design as well...I cant remember if it was barbie or something else...Here he is blowing out the candles.

Here he is with his Mummy cutting up the cake.
The cake shop did a good job on the cake...Buzz's head
(he is a bit on the ugly side old Buzz I think).
A photo with his brother and Mummy and Daddy.
A photo of three generations playing that dreaded x-box! They were of course amused for hours. Ben had a ball!

The party was really fun. The birthday boy was exhausted by the end of it! So was I! Thought you might like to look at some of the pics.

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