Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missing in Action

Hi Blogging Buddies,
I have been missing in action this weekend becasue we went and had a weekend in Sydney to do a Barista Course and both Ben and I can now make all types of coffees and decorate them with coffee art too! I thought you might be interested in a few pics of our weekend. Photo above of course the very famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo below Ben and I trying to do a self-shot including the bridge.

And some photos of the Barista Course...

A fancy coffee art design. This one made by Ben.

Another fancy design...I did this one I think.

We also popped our heads in on the filming of Sunrise (well, looked through the window anyway) and took a photograph to prove it!

We ate out, saw the sights and had a fun time...not making it home till 7pm I am ready for an early night. I am working four days this week so its looking like a busy one coming up. I will pop in and visit your blogs tomorrow. Hope you had a good weekend.
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