Thursday, March 3, 2011

Annette Inspired Bookmarks

Hi Blogging Beauties,

I am finally getting around to posting these "Annette Inspired Bookmarks".  I always admire Annette's creations - especially her shaped easel cards and when she sent me a beautiful bookmark she had made in the mail I resolved to have a go at one.  Well actually I made four...and I kept them very simple, but here they are!

 The one above makes you feel a bit cross-eyed and dotty...don't look at it for too long lol!

I originally made these to give as a little gift to some ex-students of know to foster the love of reading and all that...I still want to make more...with different designs, ones for little boys, ones with angels...the potential is really endless.  Well if you are like me and would like to have a go you can see a video tutorial here.  Have fun!!

P.S - Carol I received my gorgeous Valentines card in the mail the other day and it is so are so sweet.  Thank you so very much xx

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