Monday, March 7, 2011

Ben and I made the paper today from the Cocktail Ball we went to on Saturday night.
I also won a raffle ticket prize - a wii!!

Thought you might be interested in a little look.  I wore those killer shoes I bought and showed you a few posts ago...had them off my feet and my feet under a table most of the night.  Didnt get a blister they didnt go too badly!  You were supposed to add a "touch of country" to your outfit hence the people in hats and boots...we didnt though.

My poor Nan is very keen to get out of hospital, but we arent sure when.  She is now anaemic and well as on Warfarin, plus she has a few other dramas as well.  I took her up some chocolates today...I found out caramel is her fave...lucky there was some caramel ones!

I survived my two days of work, but still after a career thinking of maybe doing a florist course.  Would like to have a break from schools and kids for awhile and maybe do something a bit creative....just an idea.

I hope you had a nice weekend and your week is shaping up well too.
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